Our Story

Zig Zag Community Arts (Zig Zag Arts) is a volunteer group with the mission to develop the community in the City of Kalamunda (and nearby) through the arts.

We are a not-for-profit group run by volunteers to promote the arts and community action in the hills and foothills communities within the City of Kalamunda. We are an incorporated group, (registered as deductable gift recipient for GST).

The organising committee consists entirely of volunteers.  They are community members with a broad range of skills including community development, project management, music, teaching and youth work.  Throughout the year project teams coordinate art and music workshops that involve both professionals and gifted amateurs.

The Aim of Zig Zag Arts is to involve the community in the appreciation of, and participation in community arts.

Our Mission

ZZCA is a not for profit volunteer group, operating in the community of Kalamunda WA. We provide opportunities to community members to engage with, learn about, and enjoy the arts in its many forms.​

Our Vision

We enrich community life by providing and supporting opportunities for arts participation, leading to a vibrant and diverse community. We believe that free access to the arts benefits all individuals in the community and therefore the whole community.

Our Values

We achieve our goals in an ethical manner; that is being inclusive, culturally respectful and sustainable while valuing our volunteer base.

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